Works by the Cities Suburbs and Schools Project

The Cities Suburbs and Schools Project is both an undergraduate seminar and research collaboration based at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Students, staff, and faculty work with community partners to better understand the relationship between schooling and housing over time in the metropolitan Hartford region. Since 2002, over 30 Trinity student researchers in this project have co-authored and/or co-presented research in local and national publications and conferences. Items listed here include articles, book chapters, papers, and presentations by members of the Project. Most of these works have been archived in the Papers and Publications section of the Cities Suburbs and Schools Project on the Trinity College Digital Repository. View abstracts and download citations at the author’s public Zotero library.[1]

Sorted in reverse chronological order to display newest works at the top:

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  1. Cities Suburbs and Schools Project at Trinity College,; Papers and Publications, Cities Suburbs and Schools Project, Trinity College Digital Repository, See author's Zotero library at

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