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How Did Neighborhoods Change Over Time?

Preview of lesson idea with interactive map, to come:

Compare Connecticut Neighborhoods, 1934 to Present


In the full-screen interactive map, compare two Connecticut neighborhoods side-by-side with aerial imagery from 1934 and the present. Map zoom and panning controls are synced. Click menus to change map layers, and the search button to find an address. Click permalink to save your dual-map view as a link to share with others. For example, view how post-war interstate highways carved up cities (such as the I-84 exchange in Hartford’s Parkville neighborhood), or how suburban commercial and residential development altered rural farmland (such as the WestFarms Mall area in West Hartford/Farmington). View the open-source code, developed by MAGIC UConn Libraries and OnTheLine at Trinity College.[1]

  1. Neighborhood Change Map, 1934-Present, 2016, http://jackdougherty.github.io/otl-neighborhood-change.

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