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Comments encourage readers to publicly engage with the book, suggest related resources, share their own experiences, and interact with a wider community. In the web edition, readers may post specific comments on a portion of any web page, or general comments on the book as a whole. Constructive criticism is welcome but inappropriate comments will be removed.

To post specific comments on any portion of a web page, this PressBooks Textbook theme provides built-in support for the free and open-source annotation tool. The tool works best on laptop and desktop computers, rather than tablets or phones. Note that readers’ comments may move, disappear, or no longer be relevant if the author modifies the underlying text of the web page in this book-in-progress.[1]

  • Drag your cursor over any text, and click the Annotate button.
  • Sign up or sign in to your free account.
  • Type your comment and post to “public” for all to read.
  • Toggle using upper-right corner symbols (< or >).
  • Click numbered icons in the margin for other readers’ comments.

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Post Specific Comments with



To post general comments on the overall book, use the WordPress comment box at the bottom of this page. These comments are moderated and may not appear online until approved. Feedback on any of these questions is particularly welcome:

  1. What is the purpose of the manuscript, and how well does it accomplish this goal in its current form?
  2. Who do you envision as the intended audience of the manuscript, and does it address their needs and interests?
  3. Is the manuscript based on sound scholarship, insightful observation, and pedagogical experience?
  4. Is the overall presentation clear? Is the text well written? Does it make effective use of its digital format?
  5. Could the organization be improved? If so, how?
  6. Overall, what are the strongest—and weakest—features of the work in its current form?

Readers also are welcome to contact the author.

  1. PressBooks Textbook plugin/theme,; Hypothesis web annotation tool,

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