The web edition of this book-in-progress automatically generates the bibliography (including hyperlinks, when available), using a combination of two open-access digital tools: (a reference manager from the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University) and Zotpress (a plugin that displays references from an online Zotero library in a self-hosted website, developed by Katie Seaborn).

While drafting this book-in-progress, the bibliography only appears in the web edition. When completed, a static version also will appear in all ebook editions.

In addition, readers can visit the public Zotero collection for this book: Read abstracts (when available) and download selected references into your personal Zotero library. Requires a free download of the Zotero tool (for Mac, Windows, Linux) and the Zotero browser connector (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). See also the author’s beginner’s guide: “How to Capture and Cite Sources with Zotero,” Web Writing,

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