9.2 List of Interactive Maps and Charts

by Jack Dougherty and Ilya Ilyankou

Interactive Map of Home Value Index in Hartford County, CT, from 1910-2010, https://ontheline.github.io/otl-home-value/index-caption.html

Interactive Storymap of Town Borders in Hartford County, CT, from 1600s to Present, https://ontheline.github.io/otl-town-borders/

Interactive Map of Federal Home Owners’ Loan Corporation “Redlining” in Hartford area, 1937, https://ontheline.github.io/otl-redlining/index-caption.html

Interactive Map of Restrictive Covenants in Hartford area, 1940s, https://ontheline.github.io/otl-covenants/index-caption.html

Interactive Storymap of Hartford Public High School locations, 1847-present, https://ontheline.github.io/otl-hphs/

TODO - more to come

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